Below you will find various articles on biblical, theological, and practical topics.  Some are links that will take you to other sites while others will take you to PDF files on our site.


Bible Reading Plan: 180 Day Guided Tour of Scripture (PDF)


Gospel Basics

How Can I Know God? Tim Keller (PDF)

The New Testament Worldview, Vern Poythress (PDF)


The Christian Life

Spiritual Gifts, Vern Poythress (PDF)

A New Creation, Michael S. Horton.  Describes the expectations and experience of the Christian life using Romans 5-8.

Sanctification: Turning to Christ in Your Conflict with Sin, Rob Edwards. (PDF) Written for college students but applies to us all.  Describes what it looks like to trust in Christ as we struggle with sin.

John Owen and the Normal Christian Life, John Hannah (PDF) A look at how the great pastor-theologian, John Owen, understood our ongoing battle with sin.



An Overview of the Bible, Vern Poythress.  (PDF) A great summary of Scripture as it displays God’s unfolding plan of salvation fulfilled in Christ. Found printed in the ESV Study Bible Resources section.

Interpreting the Bible by Bruce Waltke. (LINK REMOVED) How to understand the different parts of the Bible in their literary and redemptive context.

The Inerrancy of Scripture, Kevin Vanhoozer.  (PDF) What it means that the Bible is God’s word and therefore trustworthy.

What are we Looking for in the Bible? Michael S. Horton. (PDF) Looking at the Bible as one redemptive story that leads to Jesus.



A Brief and Untechnical Statement of the Reformed Faith, B.B. Warfield.  The highlights of Reformed Theology in the form of a statement of faith.

Baptism of Children, Dennis Johnson.

Covenant Theology, R.S. Clark.

Mysteries of God and Means of Grace, Michael S. Horton. Some Reformed distinctives concerning how God works in our lives.

What is the Reformed Faith, Michael S. Horton. (PDF) The big picture of Reformed Theology with an overview of the major themes from Scripture.



Spiritual Doubts And What To Do About Them, Ed Welch.  Finding encouragement and encouraging others.

Angry, Unmotivated, Self-centered, and Spiritually Indifferent Teens, Rick Horne.  Understanding the relationship between heart commitments and behavior in teens.

Dazzle Your Teen, Tedd Trip.  Helping teens develop a vision for God’s glory.

Yelling At My Kids, Nina Campagna. (PDF) The need for God’s grace in our sinful response to our children.