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As with every avenue of ministry at Mercy Presbyterian Church, the Sunday School hour at Mercy Presbyterian is an opportunity to both gather and equip. As an opportunity to gather, relationships are deepended and we also learn from one another. As an opportunity to equip, this time allows us to focus on a wide variety of biblical, theological, and practical matters in a systematic way over a course of years. Our children, too, will form relationships with others their age, connecting families, as they are taught the basics of the faith with a focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our children’s classes are taught by loving and caring members of our congregation who implement song, skit, pictures, crafts and memorization to teach your children.

For adults we will be offering the following classes in the Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018:

The Doctrine of Scripture – (August 27 – November 19) Does the Bible contain factual or scribal errors?  If it does, how can it also be infallible?  Why do we trust the Bible? Isn’t it just a book written by men, susceptible to human error? These are some of the many questions that we have all asked about Scripture.  This fall, we will offer a systematic theological class lasting 11 weeks and dealing with God’s inspired word. We will look at the self-attestation of Scripture, the value of Scripture, the development of the canon, the development of the Old and New Testaments, the different views of Scripture in Christianity, and the various available translations of Scripture. We will cover theological terms like inerrancy, verbal plenary inspiration, infallibility, and God-breathed.

Missions and Members Class –  (October 22 – November 12This class is for those who are fairly new to our church, or regular attenders, who would like to find out more about what we believe as a church and how that shapes our ministry. More than just a “members” class, we believe it is vital for members to understand the mission Jesus has for his church in the world. When we join the church, we are joining ourselves in a unique way to his work. Click this link to sign up.

Morality and Ethics – (November 26 – December 17) 

 Prayer – (January 7 – February 25)  How should we pray? What is the power of prayer? How does prayer work? Our second “mini-series” this winter will be an 8-week practical theological class looking at prayer throughout Scripture. We will trace prayer throughout the entire Bible and will define, examine, and apply prayer for the modern believer. We will look at the difference between Old Testament prayer, New Testament prayer, and prayer for the church today. We will talk about the object and intention of our prayers. Special attention will be given to the prayers of Christ as we see how he lead us to pray.

 “The Messiah and the Pentateuch” – (March 4 – May 27) The first five books of the Bible are commonly called the Pentateuch. They anchor the Old Testament and make up the books of the law according to the Hebrews. But, did you also know that they are some of the most prophetic and Christocentric books of the Bible? This Spring we will offer a 13-week Biblical class giving an overview of the first five books of the Bible, including their background and formation, authorship and audience, their value in the canon, and what they tell us about Jesus Christ, the second person of the Godhead.