Missions and Members Class


Our hope is to be a church that reflects the mercy we have received from God to our neighbors in Forest. We believe that the church is not simply a place where we hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but that the church itself is a part of the gospel, as people are drawn together through Jesus Christ and model God’s mercy to their community.

With this goal in mind, we will be hosting a Missions and Members of Mercy class October 29th – November 19th during the Sunday School hour. This class will be for those who are fairly new to our church, or regular attenders, who would like to find out more about what we believe as a church and how that shapes our ministry. More than just a “members” class, we believe it is vital for members to understand the mission Jesus has for his church in the world. When we join the church, we are joining ourselves in a unique way to his work. Even if you are not sure about becoming a member, we would love for you to come. Please click here to sign up.